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The Lexy Bag

The Lexy Bag

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****PLEASE NOTE: Due to the processing & tie dye effect of the denim fabric each bag will have a unique look that may not be exactly what the picture shows****

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton Twill Denim 

Lining Materials: 80% BCI Cotton, 20% recycled cotton 

Dustbag Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

Color: Blue (Denim)

Hardware: Gold

Dimensions: | Height: 5.5” | Width: 9.1”  Adjustable Strap Length: 115cm

Storage: Bag includes an outside back pocket, an inside pocket and a inside pocket with zipper 

Care Instructions

-Avoid drying vegan leather out, excessive heat and sun exposure.

-When stained try to immediately care for stain by using a wet wipe (baby wipe works fine too) blotting the spot

-To further clean or remove dust use a soft cloth, a small amount of dish soap and warm water (3:1 ratio of water to soap)

-Avoid using colored cloths when cleaning the bag as the color can easily transfer to vegan leather

-Avoid excessive rubbing when cleaning 

-Be sure to remove the water/ soapy residue with a clean dry cloth & ensure the bag is dried completely

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